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Guitar Players

There are many students who play guitar on our campus and it's about time that we have a campus wide learning experience where students can learn how to play the guitar with other more advanced players. This could happen in the quad or in any of the many event halls around campus, but it should be something that the student government organizes.

There are many advantages to students learning guitar or any other instrument. Studies have shown that students how play instruments are more likely to get higher scores on exams, be more outgoing, and live more fulfilled lives. This is in part because they have a more active social life because of their musical instrument abilities.

Having a campus wide, student organized event to promote music, the arts, and learning to play an instrument will be a good opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons and try something new. College is about exposing yourself to new cultures and sharing yours with others. This would be a great opportunity to do this. An event like this would also be a great gift for guitarists.