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What Is All the Hype about Kona Coffee?

If you love coffee, you must have heard about Kona coffee. Of course, it is one of the most famous names in the coffee lovers’ community. Not only is it famous in the US, but in most other parts of the world as well. However, people around the world do not have as much access to this coffee as Americans do. More like, this coffee grows in their neighbourhood. But what is hype all about? There are so many different coffee types in the world. Why is Kona coffee treated so specially? There are many reasons for that. Let’s find out.

Why Kona Coffee Is So Well-Known

You quote reasons over reasons to prove why this coffee is so special. First, let’s tell you where this coffee grows so you can give credit to the lands that give birth to this coffee. It is actually coffee Arabica, that comes from Hawaii. To be precise, it grows on the Big Island on the dynamic ranges landscapes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. Now, what makes this coffee so special is its taste. For coffee beans to taste any good, they have to be grown in the perfect temperature. In the case of Kona coffee, nature takes care of that.

It grows on the mountain slopes of Hawaii where it gets the perfect proportions of water and light. The sun provides the beans with heat in the morning whereas evenings often come with natural showers. The icing on the cake is the soil in which this coffee grows. Hawaii is a volcanic region and that’s why its soil is quite different from the soil in the non-volcanic regions of the world, which are literally most of the countries. The rich minerals that these coffee beans found in this soil are not available in most parts of the world.

In the end, these elements combine to create a perfect blend of natural flavours, earthiness, volcanic tinge and the fragrance of Hawaiian winds. The coffee that comes from this combination is something that tastes like heaven.

You could say that many other things have also caused Kona coffee to be famous. Some of those things were not really pleasant. If you don’t know, Kona coffee has been through a huge scandal as well. There was this American man who decided to sell cheap coffee beans in the name of Kona coffee. Thanks to the scientists who are always researching to find new methods to identify things and their origins. Today, there is no way for someone to call their coffee something other than what it is.

How to Enjoy the Best Kona Coffee

You have to be extremely careful with who you go to for drinking this amazing coffee. Make sure you go to a reliable place that keeps only the highest quality products. One of the things you want to make sure before you take a sip of Kona coffee is that it is 100% natural. Not a lot of places are dedicated enough to bring their customers the best. However, if you don’t want any compromise on your Kona coffee drink, you should try the 100% natural Kona coffee at Greenwell Farms. You can trust this coffee to be one hundred per cent natural. And for that reason, you will not find any other coffee tasting as great as this.

Keep in mind that the concept of “natural” is not just a hint towards no contamination. Instead, it is about the processes that are involved in the production of Kona coffee. If you are getting anything less than 100% pure, you should steer clear from such a business.


Author Bio: Nitin Pillai is an expert writer, who primarily writes on The Grafyt, and on topics related to lifestyle and health, with many of her articles featured on platforms like Buzzfeed, Medium and Goop.