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SEO: Why is it important?

At present many talk about SEO and web positioning, but what is its importance? This article has been developed to answer this question Why is web positioning important? Why is SEO important? Reference come froms posicionamiento web Barcelona agency.

Although the terms web positioning are closely related to what SEO is, and sometimes even used as synonyms, I want us to start by making a difference as an introduction.

When we talk about positioning web we refer to the place that occupies our site in the ranking of Google and other search engines. While SEO are the different techniques we use to make our site optimized to appear in the top positions of Google.

Because I say it is a difference, because I could create a web without any knowledge of SEO and this can appear in Google, maybe not first, maybe for a search that nobody does such as a name invented itself But whatever it is, it has a positioning!

And here is where the main importance of SEO comes, is that it helps us to appear in the top positions of Google and compete for positions demanded by users SEO helps us to have a good web positioning!

Having this clear we go deeper into the topic Let's Begin!

<h2> Importance of web positioning and SEO </ h2>

Without further ado, let's start with today's class:

1-SEO helps to please Google and other search engines: unlike humans search engines are robots, so they do not see web pages as we see them. They use an algorithm that makes use of some criteria to evaluate how much our web deserves the top positions.

And as we know the SEO what it does is that our site behave as Google wants it to do it, being important because it helps us please the great searcher Without SEO would be a bit difficult!

2-We reach the target audience: With SEO we can tell searchers more accurately what our website is about to show it to the search and correct users. If we did not optimize our site well Google could interpret our site poorly and show us results we do not care.

For example the word "Dog" can refer to the animal or to the food (hot dog). Without a good optimization Google could confuse those two terms and show us to a very different audience that we do not care.

But if your site speaks of food, you use the title tags, meta-registration, internal structure of links, use synonyms ... Google through those different media will know what your website is about, and will know when to put results in a search.

3-SEO allows you to have a higher quality site: search engine optimization is to please Google (and other search engines), and this is what it seeks to please users:

  • Introducing a clean interface.
  • Quality content.
  • A fast site.
  • A secure page, etc.

So the result of this chain is that the SEO what you are looking for is to please the users, of course with the intention to please Google. But in general terms SEO has allowed us as publishers to offer quality sites and as a user. Let's enjoy good sites! Without SEO the web would be a disaster (more than it is many times).

4-SEO is a "free" way to get visits: optimization allows us to be in the first places of Google, and the best thing is that we do not have to pay anything. The fact that it is "free" is very dependent, as there are Keywords difficult to position that we have to pay for links, tools, etc. So we could say that SEO is not so free.

However there are other keywords that just need our work. But in general terms it is still more convenient as far as payment is concerned, as you will only pay to be first on Google, but the benefits are almost forever, very different from the SEM that is paid advertising and charged for each click on your site you stop paying the visits !.

In general terms the SEO can be free and in his absence a very convenient investment.

<h3> All this translates to: </ h3>

1-Multiplication of visits. If without SEO you had many visits or few, with the application of optimization believe me that your visits will be greater, they can even double, triple and multiply by a large number.

2-You will sell more. Not only for having more visitors, but because it will be the audience that you need to reach. On the other hand as we said recently, SEO gives us a quality website, and visitors make it easier and more reliable to buy into it (I speak in cases of stores, or web that offer some product).

3-You have a good alternative but you have to invest in advertising like Adwords.

4-You give more seriousness to your business, and if you have social networks these have a greater impact. I say it because remember that SEO allows us to have a quality site and well positioned, and this speaks well of you, your image, your seriousness, not anyone appears in the top positions of Google.

<h2> Have you understood the importance of SEO and SEO? </ h2>

I hope that if you friend, remember that SEO gives you a good web positioning, and a good web positioning gives you greater traffic, trust, credibility, impact, etc.

So when you are applying SEO you are not only pleasing Google or the user, but you are bringing profit to your particular business or site. For this reason I encourage you that if you can invest in it, if you know how to do the reward will be much greater.

Now, if you have money do not worry. On our site there are more articles like this that will help you to be a professional in the area of SEO.

Without more to add I would like to invite you to leave a comment that for us is very important A hug! Until next time

Posicionamiento web barcelona

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