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The presence of a dress form in a sewing room comes in handy time and time again. In fact, it’s a must have nowadays for any serious leather designer. Having one makes is easy for one to perfectly fit their designed clothing onto a human form or likeness.

But wait, what’s a dress form? Good question. It’s a representation of the human torso, made of hard internal material and an external foam material. The exterior is made of the soft material to make it easy for the tailors to pin garments.

But the dress form shouldn’t be confused with a mannequin. A mannequin is a representation of the whole human body and is normally found in retail stores. See the difference?

So you have a tailoring business or are a designer and want one of these dress forms. There are still few things to get clear before you run to the store and buy one. If you’re a pundit in the field, then you already understand that dress forms aren’t all similar.

If this is you, jump straight into the reviews below. For the novices, note that when you want to buy a dress form, you’ll need to, first of all, get it straight what your intended purpose for it is. There are display dress forms that are simply used to display the finished garments.

These cost the cheapest as well. There are the more expensive professional dress forms which are used for in the whole dress making process.  From preparation stage where you’ll do lots of pinning all the way to the completion stage where you’ll be displaying the finished garment, professional dress forms have no boundaries.

Then, a step higher is the bifurcated dress forms.

They are different from the professional ones in that they include legs. Then, finally, there’s the most expensive ones, the adjustable dress forms that can be adjusted to take on any body size you wish. 

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