SAP is the computer system that allows to work in an orderly and easy way. It favors internal organization in the company to carry out different challenges and provides workers with the possibility of enjoying networking.

SAP improves the organization of companies. Not only the internal part where it allows the workers to know what their colleagues are doing or have the same document to be modified jointly, but the external part where the organization contacts their clients or suppliers. It provides a closer and more direct relationship to those companies that have relationships with businesses outside their borders.

More than 4 decades support SAP, the market leader in business applications software. Its different characteristics and the confidence of large entities in it have caused both SMEs and multinationals to want this software for the internal and external organization of their company.

UADIN Business School, aware of the need to have staff trained in companies and SAP explained who can collaborate with organizations that have this system, has signed a collaboration agreement with SAP Education and becomes a center with training programs approved by SAP.

The level of Expert Certification is based on the successful experience of experienced consultants, that is why at UADIN Business School we wanted to have the best team of consultants: The best training and the best team of experts, knowledge from experience.


There are 3 great ideas in SAP: New Design, Modern Architecture and Smart Business.

The new design, concretely, has nothing to do with the ERP that we are used to using, the architecture is modern and different, we do not work the same, there are capacities and intelligence processes that could not be done before, no matter how much was issued with database you could not, because you had not unlocked this type of capabilities.

As for the new design, it is more focused on the user, on the people, on the people, every time a person logs in, they only show what they have to show, before if a person logged in with the same user, they had a Lots of menus or information that was not necessary for that person and had to dig into the ERP until you get to the use you wanted to give it, now on the screen you are shown what you only need.

Multi-device mode functions: formerly, the ERP, if you did not have part of mobility you had to use it in a computer. Now this same ERP works on a mobile phone, on a tablet or on a computer. It is in HTML 5 and can be opened in any device and browser.


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