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About Forex bonuses or risk-free trading in the foreign exchange market

About Forex bonuses or risk-free trading in the foreign exchange market

Nowadays, trading through the Internet on the global forex currency market is becoming increasingly popular. There are a lot of offers about the possibility of additional earnings on Forex, and almost every active person, especially who has Internet access, has ever heard anything about this. 

But the attitude of the majority towards trading financial markets in general and forex in particular is skeptical, since everyone has to risk their money there, and not everyone gets a profit. 

Of course, this has its own share of truth, but it should be noted that in recent years, the forex market has gradually begun to unfold facing a private trader, which allows the latter to feel much more comfortable in the face of all the power of world financial institutions. As a result, forex trading becomes easier, and risks are reduced.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple - fierce competition of dealing centers, i.e. non-banking organizations providing access to trading and margin trading services in the forex market for attracting as many successful traders as possible and, as a result, for making more profit. 

And the ordinary trader benefits from this competition. He has a large selection of different dealing centers where the trading conditions are better for each other, the choice of terminals, a large amount of valuable and more and more truthful information about the Forex market, the best training materials, more and more advanced advisor programs are being developed for him, capable of not only “whispering” in the ear ”, but also trade on autopilot. And most importantly, the commission of dealing centers is reduced, but that's not all ...



Has anyone heard of forex bonuses? Some probably yes, and some not. This is another attractive tool in the hands of dealing centers to attract traders. The very concept of bonus means that the dealing center transfers a certain amount of bonus cash to the account of the trader for the latter to take any action. The most common Forex bonuses are of two types:


1. Forex deposit bonuses, i.e. to replenish the account with the trader. Such bonuses are issued when replenishing an account with real money. At each dealing center, the bonus amount is different: 5%, 10%, 25%, 40%, and even 100% of the account replenishment amount. Bonus funds are usually accrued both for the first and for all subsequent replenishment, and their size often depends on the conditions of monetization (cashing out). 

As a rule, to monetize a bonus, a trader must complete a certain amount of trading transactions. In some dealing centers these conditions are quite easy to fulfill, in others it is very difficult.


Such deposit bonuses are often used by traders as additional funds to increase income, since with the skillful management of these funds - this is an additional 5 - 40% of the profit on the deposit. 

However, in this case, experienced traders consider it wrong to chase the size of the bonus, and advise you to choose such a bonus and such conditions for receiving it that fit the trading style - after all, the bonus still needs to be redeemed. In addition, in some situations, such additional funds can save the trader’s account in the event of a strong drawdown. Some dealing centers even offer a “saving bonus”.


2. Forex no deposit bonuses - these are bonuses that are accrued to the trader after passing through simple registration procedures and do not require any replenishment of the account (hence the name - no deposit). This bonus is issued once. 

The bonus amount is usually 5-15 dollars. The profit obtained by using it can be withdrawn (cashed out), and if certain conditions are met, you can even withdraw the no deposit bonus itself. These forex bonuses at different dealing centers can be called differently: free forex bonus, registration forex bonus, welcome bonus, free forex deposit, etc.

New no deposit Forex bonuses have become extremely popular today, and among other things, this is one of the most popular ways to get start-up capital for novice traders: people are afraid to lose their money, but there is nothing to lose. If a trader loses this bonus, he will not return anything to anyone. 

And the advantages here, in contrast to the demo account, are huge: firstly, there is a psychological component of real trading, and secondly, you can take profit from a real account. Some dealing centers specifically for "free trade" may make available such a type of account as a no deposit forex account. However, usually such accounts have the same properties as “normal” trading accounts.


It is worth emphasizing that the no deposit bonus made a real revolution in trading on the Forex currency market, transferring it from high-risk to completely risk-free. Having received a no deposit bonus, the trader can even completely lose it and at the same time does not risk anything !!! But you can make a profit.

Sometimes dealing centers offer other "additional bonuses" - for example, the annual calculation of interest on the balance on the account and the payment of interest every month on the average amount of funds not involved in the trade. There are also various contests between traders, for example, on account profitability for a certain period, and winnings are paid with additional bonuses to the winner’s trading account.


Profitable thing these Forex bonuses, is not it? As they say, you can climb a pine tree and not tear yourself ...